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Thursday, December 17, 2015

12-17-2015 To Karmen Concannon, Publisher Sentinel-Tribune

Today I read how the Sentinel-Tribune fired the Editor under pressure from the gun lobby. Below is a link to that article and to the editorial that did not get published.

Please write to Karmen and tell her to protect the freedoms of our country.

Publisher Sentinel-Tribune
Karmen Concannon,

The name of your institution implies that you stand as a guardian of the rights and freedoms put forth in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Yours is the only private concern named specifically in the Bill of Rights because of its centrality to a free people. If you bow to threats of the gun lobby you are giving away not just your freedom but that of this country.

I am fortunate to live in a fairly liberal place, Marin County California. This Sunday when I and 200 to 300 others marched with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America, we were graced with a retreat of the mornings heavy rains. Other marches around the country were met with gun-rights intimidators, mostly heavily armed men, countering mostly women and children. 

This summer I rode my bicycle across our country and through your state. I know there are many differences between California and Ohio. I know there is much courage, a history of pride, especially in the civil war era, battles fought on your soil, that Ohioans are much proud. Now is one of those times in history, as a free people, in a free country, that will remain so only if good people and our institutions show courage and mimic the actions of our ancestors.

In light of recent attacks in this country by those that think guns are for fighting social issues, e.g. the Charleston and Colorado Springs shootings, most of the participants in these marches commemorating the 3rd year anniversary of Newtown, showed great courage. There are real threats implied by these armed thugs.

In this county, where freedom is cherished more than in any other, where ‘Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness’ were to prevail, we are now living  in fear. More fearfully than citizens in any other prosperous country. Truly these rights enshrined in our Declaration of Independence have been stolen by the rich and powerful institutions who are now profiting (who sell more guns and ammunition after each mass shooting) off the fear they are sowing. 

They are blocking common sense gun ownership rules and stealing our freedom. They are stealing our freedom, our civil liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights. Their intimidating presence at demonstrations, healthcare facilities and houses of worship is proof that their intentions are not for promoting liberty but are for limiting the freedoms of normal civil life.

They are stealing our freedom by intimidating those who were chosen to protect our First Amendment rights. They are directly stealing our freedom of the press, as evidenced by the censorship of this editorial of conscious. The thugs will win if our press does not stand up. It is written.

Dan Monte


"Editor Is Fired, but Not Silenced, Over the NRA”

The unpublished editorial by Jan Larson McLaughlin

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