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Monday, January 2, 2017

Anti-Trump Protesters, What Difference Does It Make Now?

Anti-Trump Protesters, What Difference Does It Make Now?

Holding counter inauguration events whether on January 15 or on January 20 does not have to be about Trump. It can be about what we hold dear and how will we survive in this coming period. Two thirds of the people didn’t like Trump before the election and the same number and feelings were extended towards Clinton. So there will be a lot of negativity and anger expressed at such events. But lots more folks now know that neither establishments of the 
Republican Party nor the Democratic Party give any priority to our needs and wishes. Their priorities are their power and glory. 

After a decade of Democratic Party activism I left the Party in August when the Party showed that it had no control over its candidate when she appointed Ken - KXL, fracking, monsanto, TPP, antic-single payer, booster of all of these- Salazar to lead her transition team. Until we get rank choice voting or proportional representation and other electoral reforms we are effectively stuck with a two party system. The TEA Party pushed the republicans into a Radical Republican Party with the help of lots of bucks from the likes of the Koch brothers. We will have to do the same to the Democratic Party but with massive inputs of people power. And that requires fighting for stuff not just against what we don’t like. It also requires making accommodations to include folks that we don’t normally engage with. It is not enough to advocate for equality for everyone it requires building structures that include everyone. 

Use the inauguration to build a movement, both inside the electoral system and outside as a mass movement. 

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